What are the most common questions
about laser hair removal?

Laser is the only hair removal method that allows such impressive and satisfying final results for the vast majority of women.

Your Depila centre is committed to working with lasers that use the latest technology and have the medical CE mark, in order to offer you an effective and optimal treatment.

Although recognised as being the most efficient, our technique does not always allow total hair removal, especially when the hair is free of pigments, sparse or finer. This also applies to all other laser and IPL technologies. 

It should be noted that under the influence of hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause, hormonal imbalance), it is possible that new hairs may appear after a few years. In these rare cases, retouching sessions should be planned.

As far as men are concerned, since they constantly produce testosterone, a male hormone that stimulates hair growth, it is more complicated to talk about permanent hair removal. Our treatment allows not only reduced, but also much delayed hair growth, which is already very suitable for our patients.

It is clinically proven that our latest generation Soprano Titanium 3D laser is the least painful permanent hair removal method, thanks to the ICE technology Plus™ and the SHR In-Motion™ technique. The treatment is practically painless, unlike single wavelength and pulse lasers (Diode or “LightSheer” laser, YAG laser, Alexandrite laser), compared to IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal, or to traditional methods of electric hair removal or waxing.

The treatment causes only slight discomfort, which depends on the area treated and the sensitivity of each individual. The sensation is often compared to the snapping of an elastic band on the skin, but the ICE PLUS™ skin cooling system greatly reduces this sensation. It should be noted that this unpleasant sensation diminishes after 2 sessions, when the hairiness decreases and the hairs become thinner.

It takes an average of 8 sessions (with an interval of 4 to 12 weeks between each treatment) to see convincing results. This number of sessions depends on several factors:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • The area to be depilated
  • The color and type of skin
  • The pigmentation and density of your hair
  • The physiology of the person


These parameters will be evaluated and defined with you during a free initial consultation. This will enable us to draw up an assessment and provide you with an estimate of the estimated number of sessions.

Your Depila centre has all the expertise and the latest generation equipment to guarantee you the best possible care. 

Laser hair removal is a risk-free procedure. But there are a few recommendations to be respected before and after each session. 

To avoid any risk, laser treatment is unfortunately refused:

  • During Pregnancy
  • On an area affected by inflammation in the infectious phase.
  • On tattooed areas or permanent make-up. The treatment will be done around these areas.
  • On skin exposed to the sun or sunbeds, to avoid any risk of burning.
  • When using photosensitive food supplements or medicines. 
  • If you have been using medicines based on Isotretinoin, Roacutane, Tretinoin or Retin-A in the last 6 months. 
  • For people with cancer. 
  • For people prone to epileptic seizures. 
  • For people with an implanted pacemaker or defibrillator.
  • In case of active herpes or eczema infection on the area to be treated.
  • In case of hypo-pigmentation (vitiligo)
  • In case of PUVAtherapy

It should be noted that numerous scientific studies have been carried out since the first definitive depilations were performed in 1995. All of them show that laser has no impact on health, whether in terms of cancer or fertility. The laser’s light beam only penetrates a few millimetres into the skin and targets melanin, without affecting the surrounding tissues. Unlike X-rays, no residue remains in the body.

Permanent laser hair removal can be carried out on a minor, if puberty has passed and one of the parents has given their written consent. The presence of the latter is also requested during the first consultation.

Permanent laser hair removal is also considered for therapeutic purposes. For example, it gives excellent results on ingrown hairs as well as folliculitis, which will naturally disappear over the course of the sessions.

To date, contrary to what some centres might lead you to believe, there is no lasting hair removal worthy of the name for white, red and very blond hairs (apart from the tedious electric depilation). Only chestnut, brown or black hair on all skin types can benefit from laser or IPL hair removal.

Unfortunately, no. Your skin could be burned by the laser, if the melanin in your skin has been activated during tanning.

The good news is that our Soprano laser is the only technology that allows you to enjoy the sun up to 10 days before your treatment.

It is also possible to treat areas rarely exposed to the sun during the summer (underarms, bikini line).

Please note that the hairs destroyed at the bulb will not come back, even if you interrupt the treatment protocol during the summer period.

Your permanent hair removal sessions

  • You will need to wear protective goggles or goggles during each laser hair removal treatment, as directing the laser beam at unprotected eyes is a risk to the eye. The team at your Depila hair removal centre will provide you with a pair.
  • In some cases, redness or slight oedema may appear as a reaction to the laser hair removal treatment. This is a normal phenomenon, which diminishes very quickly.
  • You will receive a moisturising cream, to be applied directly after the session.
  • It is advisable not to expose the treated area to the sun for the week following your session. If this is not possible otherwise, make sure to apply a sunscreen every 2 hours.
  • Moisturise the treated area well for 3 days after your final hair removal session.
  • Do not hesitate to perform light exfoliation on the area treated by laser hair removal, to encourage the ejection of the hair bulb, in the 2 weeks following your treatment.

Thanks to the SHR In-Motion™ technique, our Soprano Titanium laser covers the entire target area faster and with better results than other lasers.

The average length of a laser hair removal session* depends on several factors. But they can be evaluated as follows:

  • Upper lip: 3 minutes
  • Chin: 4-6 minutes
  • Shoulders: 10-20 minutes                        
  • Underarms: 5-10 minutes    
  • Male back: about 60 minutes
  • Whole legs: about 60 minutes
  • Classic Bikini/Full Bikini: 10-20 minutes (up to 30 minutes for the full bikini)

*This is an average time for the treatment itself with the laser. You will find the duration of the sessions per area and per package in the booking pages.

Our specialised laser hair removal team recommends waiting 4 to 6 weeks between two hair removal sessions. 

This time is extended during the treatment for optimal results: the regrowth of the remaining hair is gradually slowed down by the treatment and the hairs become finer and finer and more sparse.

For the laser to be effective, it is essential that the hair is not too long. For this reason, your Depila permanent hair removal centre will ask you to shave the day before the session so that your hair is not 1mm longer.

If necessary, you will need to shave the same day. This will not interfere with the action of the laser, but will make the practitioner’s act more complicated, as he will have more difficulty in spotting your hair.

Your laser hair removal appointments

Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time so as not to disrupt the centre’s schedule.

Any consequent delay may unfortunately result in the cancellation of your session.

It’s easy! Sign in to your patient account and choose another time slot in the calendar.

We accept to move your final hair removal session free of charge, if the request is made at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. Otherwise, you will be asked to pay a compensation of 20% of the amount of the session.

Please note: if you have several multiple appointments, you will unfortunately have to postpone all of them in order to keep the necessary time between each session.

Prices for laser hair removal

Your Depila laser hair removal centre offers you different rates, depending on the body zones to be treated. For more details, you can consult our prices and packages for a definitive hair removal treatment.

Of course! Your Depila permanent hair removal centre offers you a series of packages, which include the most frequently treated areas. Consult our special rates for laser hair removal, to find out more.

Do not hesitate to let us know your wishes, if none of our formulas meet your requirements.

Yes! 🙂 During this first appointment, we will take care to listen to your needs, answer all your questions and explain to you how our final hair removal sessions take place.

As one type of skin and hair is not the other, we will take care to analyse the areas to be treated in order to correctly evaluate the number of sessions to be scheduled. 

We will also carry out an initial test on your skin to establish a care protocol adapted to your skin.

This first informative consultation is free of charge and compulsory for every new patient at our Depila laser hair removal centre. 

The easiest way to make this first appointment is online.  Do not hesitate to write to us via our Contact us page and leave us your telephone number. We will call you back as soon as possible.

Comparative studies show that permanent hair removal in a centre is not only the most economical method of permanent hair removal in the long term, but also the quickest, compared to conventional hair removal sessions, carried out every month. Appointments with a beautician or the purchase of razor blades, depilatory creams or waxes become superfluous. 

The spacing of the sessions also allows you to spread out your expenses. But the best reward, and it’s priceless, is the comfort, time saving and peace of mind of not having to worry about hair removal problems on a daily basis.

Click here to find out more about the price of permanent laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal technology

Your Depila permanent hair removal centre, located on the outskirts of Brussels, is equipped with the latest generation of laser hair removal technology. This is the Soprano™ Titanium laser, recognised for its many advantages

It should be noted that the vast majority of machines currently used in laser hair removal centres emit only one wavelength. This is for example the case with the Alexandrite, Diode, LightSheer or Nd:YAG lasers. Conversely, our Soprano laser device is capable of emitting all 3 wavelengths at the same time and can intervene at different depths of the epidermis. This allows us not only to treat all skin types, but also to target all hair types with superior efficiency. 

In addition, our laser has the medical CE mark, a guarantee of safety and seriousness. For example, it is equipped with the ICE technology Plus™, which cools the skin and makes the permanent hair removal treatment virtually painless and increases its effectiveness.

Laser hair removal and pulsed light hair removal are two very different techniques in terms of methods, safety and results. Intense Pulsed Light technology (often called IPL, acronym for Intense Pulsed Light) uses light to prevent hair regrowth. Laser technology, on the other hand, uses its high-powered beam to destroy the hair root.

By sending flashes of intense light, pulsed light hair removal heats the melanin and pigment in the hair, but at a lower power than laser hair removal. This heat only weakens the hair follicle. In addition, the light is delivered over a wide spectrum, which does not allow for a targeted and effective treatment. It takes many weeks before the first results are seen (about 8 weeks of treatment), which are often short-lived. Indeed, clinical studies show that the results obtained with pulsed light hair removal last less time than those obtained with laser hair removal. This is particularly the case for certain sensitive areas of the body, such as underarms or the bikini line. The treatments should then be repeated every 2 or 3 years. Finally, this method is not possible on dark skin.

The weakening of the hair follicle caused by IPL can lead to partial or total depigmentation of the hair, which will then render any IPL or laser hair removal futile. 

Unlike IPL hair removal by pulsed light, laser hair removal will immediately and effectively destroy the hair root. This faster method allows a real and definitive loss of hair on the whole body, after only a few laser sessions. 

Our latest generation Soprano™ laser guarantees you the best results on the hair removal market, in a totally safe way.

The quality of laser hair removal depends on the fluence, i.e. the amount of energy of the laser beam, which passes through an area of the skin, during a given time. However, machines that do not have the medical CE mark have a lower and irregular fluence. By being treated with this type of low range, low power equipment, the patient may have to pay for a greater number of sessions, or even worse, to thin out his hair, until he obtains a long white down on the part of the skin that is said to be depilated and on which the action of a laser will no longer have any impact. 

Whether you decide to use Depila services or not, we can only advise you to make sure that your practitioner uses quality equipment with the CE medical mark. It is not uncommon to see counterfeits or even companies affixing their logo on poor quality machines, produced on the other side of the world, under the pretext of Belgian or European engineering.

Unless your hair is no longer pigmented, it’s never too late to switch to laser hair removal.

Your Depila centre is there to advise you on your permanent laser hair removal.

In order to ensure optimal safety, your skin will be carefully examined during your first session.

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