Permanent hair removal reinvented thanks to the Soprano Titanium

Say goodbye to your hair! It’s proven that laser hair removal is the only solution that permanently gets rid of unwanted hair on all areas of your body. It is suitable for both women and men, for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes.

The advantages of our latest generation Soprano Titanium laser:

Definitive hair removal, on all areas of the body

For all skin and hair types

Safe and up to 40% faster

Safe and up to 40% faster

Cost-effective long-term solution

Cost-effective long-term solution

Tailor-made and virtually painless treatment

All year round, even in summer

Our laser hair removal successfully combines three technologies and three wavelengths, allowing a personalised treatment for each of our clients.

The number of sessions required depends on several factors and the physiology of each person.

The SHR In-Motion™ method, to prevent regrowth and protect the skin.

This sweeping technique covers the target area faster, with better results. It gradually heats the dermis to prevent hair growth, while avoiding damage to the surrounding tissues.

3D technology, to simultaneously target several dephts of epidermis.

Our technology combines the three most effective laser wavelengths in a 2 and 4cm² applicator. As a result, the Soprano Titanium guarantees a faster, easier and safer treatment than competing technologies.

ICE PLUS™ technology, to prevent overheating

It cools the skin, preventing any possible overheating. This technology makes the treatment almost painless, increases its effectiveness and leaves a massaging sensation on the skin.

Most effective laser hair removal technology

Rely on the most efficient laser technology

Our Soprano Titanium laser has been voted the best laser hair removal instrument in the world. With medical CE marking, it has been clinically proven to be virtually painless and the most effective for all skin types.

Enjoy life without worrying about hair removal

Our tailor-made and cost-effective laser hair removal treatment offers you a definitive solution for your hair removal worries in the long term. Benefit from a top-of-the-range and secure service, thanks to our team of experienced practitioners.

photo face in water hair removal face depila centre

Your Depila centre is there to advise you on permanent laser hair removal.

In order to ensure optimal safety, your skin will be carefully examined during your first session.

Hair removal for life at an affordable price

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