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How to make an appointment ?
Select the area you wish to treat or a package (see bottom of the list) to optimise your appointment by grouping several areas together.

Key instructions:
– No sun exposure or sunbed during the treatment.
– All hair on the area to be treated must have been shaved the day before the appointment (except your face).
– Don’t forget to inform us of any medical changes.


During your free, no-obligation initial consultation, we will discuss the type of permanent hair removal you desire.

We will check your skin type and hairiness. We will tell you what results to expect. And we will explain the laser treatment protocol and the recommendations to be followed for the good progress of your laser hair removal sessions.

Before each session

. Do not expose yourself to the sun or sunbed during your treatment, or 10 days before and after your sessions. A treatment on tanned skin could burn you.

. If you are still likely to be exposed to the sun, a high level of sun protection (SPF50) should be used every two hours. If necessary, cancel your next session at Depila.

. Do not use any self-tanning products or tanning activators at least two weeks before the treatment.

. Shave or trim the hair to be removed permanently one day before the treatment. The laser only destroys visible, growing hairs. These must be no more than 1mm long. Attention, no shaving for the face of women.

. Do not bleach or depilate your hair (wax, tweezers, electric epilator, depilatory cream) during the 4 weeks preceding the treatment (2 weeks for the face).

. Shaving should be avoided between sessions.

. Wash your skin with soapy water before the treatment.

. During your session, do not wear cosmetics or new, unwashed clothes if they are in contact with the area treated by laser hair removal.

. Please inform our team if you are undergoing medical treatment.

After each session

. Wait before exposing yourself to the sun to avoid the appearance of brown spots.

. Between sessions, do not wax, but shave the areas to be treated.

. It may happen that the treated area of the body becomes red and/or swollen shortly after your permanent hair removal session. This natural reaction of the skin usually disappears within 24 hours after the treatment, especially with the application of a vitamin E cream or Biafine®.

. “A few weeks after the treatment, you will notice that the treated areas of the skin lose their hair. If they bother you, these small hairs can be shaved off. “

Absolute contraindications

. Skin cancers or tumors .

. Pregnancy

. Use of herbs that may affect the skin such as St John’s Wort

. Active herpes infection or eczema in the area to be treated

. Subject to epileptic seizures

. Taking Isotretinoin – Roicutane or Tretinoin – Retin-A in the previous 6 months for treatment of acne or other dermatological conditions

. Hypopigmentation (vitiligo)

. Tattoos or permanent make-up on the areas to be treated

. Presence of an implanted pacemaker or defibrillator

. PUVA treatments

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